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Continuous Improvement Consulting from Quality One can include:

  • PDCA - Plan Do Check Act - or Plan Do Study Act - is an iterative-continuous four-step management method used in business for the control and continuous improvement of processes and products. Also known as the Shewart-Deming cycle. The PDCA cycle has alignment with other continuous improvement methodologies including DMAIC.
  • As Is To Be - mapping and analysis of current state translated to future state and the required results using business process modelling techniques.
  • VSM - Value Stream Mapping - a form of process mapping used to document, analyze and improve the flow of materials and information required to produce a product or provide a service. Value Stream Mapping defines and illustrates the sequence of activities, and the flow of materials and resources required to produce a product or provide a service. There is a significant difference in the format of process mapping/flows and value stream in level of resolution, focus and application. Value Stream Mapping is most often associated with manufacturing processes. In reality, it is currently being utilized in logistics applications, software development, office processes, healthcare and other service-related industries.
  • EIMS - ORA - Enterprise Integrated Management Systems - Organisational Robustness Analysis
  • Problem Solving - the process undertaken to find solutions to complex or difficult issues by taking an analytical approach using scientific methods. Effective problem solving requires the issue to be recognized and fully understood by the problem solver(s). Various problem solving methods and tools can be used to drive down to the root cause of the issue and take appropriate corrective actions to not only fix the problem, but to ensure it does not re-occur. There are many problem solving tools and approaches that are all effective if used properly of which some are listed on this page.
  • RCA - Root Cause Analysis - is a comprehensive term encompassing a collection of problem solving methods used to identify the real cause of a non-conformance or quality problem. Root Cause Analysis is the process of defining, understanding and solving a problem. The root cause has also been described as an underlying or fundamental cause of a non-conformance, defect or failure and root cause analysis the process to remove, reduce and eliminate the root cause of a particular effect.
  • Lean Six Sigma Programs
  • Kaizen - is more than just a methodology for continuous improvement. It is not a specific tool or set of tools to improve quality. Kaizen is a journey and not a destination. The objective of Kaizen is to improve productivity, reduce waste, eliminate unnecessary hard work and humanize the workplace. Kaizen is effective at identifying the three basic types of waste: Muda, Mura and Muri. Kaizen philosophy empowers everyone to assume responsibility for their processes and improve them. With Kaizen, workers at all levels of the organization are engaged in constantly watching for and identifying opportunities for change and improvement. Kaizen is not just a one-time event; more precisely, it is a process that occurs every day.
  • 5S Programs - The 5S Method is a standardized process that when properly implemented creates and maintains an organized, safe, clean and efficient workplace. Improved visual controls are implemented as part of 5S to make any process non-conformance’s obvious and easily detectable. 5S is often one element of a larger Lean initiative and promotes continuous improvement.
  • ISO9001 - A proven Quality Management System development and implementation approach should be used based on project management methodologies. A structured approach should be used for defining project plans, specific responsibilities and verification of results. The result will be a development and implementation strategy that is more efficient and provides for first time compliance or registration to the ISO 9001 requirements.
  • IATF16949 - with ISO9001 as a base IATF16949 (formerly TS16949) is a standard that establishes the requirements for a Quality Management System (QMS), specifically for the automotive sector. The ISO/TS 16949 was originally created in 1999 to harmonize different assessment and certification schemes worldwide in the supply chain for the automotive sector.

Continuous Improvement Home Continuous Improvement Training

Continuous Improvement Training is included in the following Quality One training and programs:

Continuous Improvement Home Continuous Improvement Development

Continuous Improvement Development from Quality One is delivered through:

Continuous Improvement Home Continuous Improvement Implementations

Continuous Improvement Implementations from Quality One are achieved through:

Continuous Improvement Home Continuous Improvement Programs

To seek assistance with your organisations continuous improvement program please fill in our contact form and Quality One personnel will call to discuss. This includes local, national, regional and international continuous improvement programs.

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