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Quality One Special Projects

APQP Professional APQP Professional
iProgent iProgent™
Program Project Management Tracking System Program/Project Management Tracking System
Program Project Diary Program-Project-Diary

Quality One Special Projects Home APQP Professional

APQP Professional

APQP Professional is being developed by Quality One to intelligently create robustness in design and manufacture within the FMEA process and broader APQP Process. The development of APQP Professional will reflect the robustness of the APQP Process. APQP Professional will be part of the iProgent™ suite.

APQP Tool Process

iProgent™ will be a cloud based application that can run as a stand alone application or in integration with the broader APQP Professional product.

From a manufacturing and product development point of view this allows:
  • Searching FMEA effects of failure for 8D symptoms
  • Updating FMEA with discovered root cause of failure
  • Investigating known FMEA causes of failure against the symptom
  • Creating DFMEA
  • Creating PFMEA
  • Integrating APQP Tools in a robust manner
    • Structure Breakdown
    • Function Breakdown
    • FMEA Prioritisation
    • Boundary Diagram
    • Parameter Diagram
    • DFMEA
    • DVP&R
    • Characteristics Matrix
    • PFMEA
    • DFM/DFA
    • Control Plans
    • MSA
    • SPC

To enquire on the progress of APQP Professional please contact us via our Contact Page.

Quality One Special Projects Home iProgent™


At Quality One we believe that management systems should be enterprise wide and not referred to as simply Quality Management Systems. When building management systems, we endeavor to ensure the system is an Enterprise Integrated Management System that reflects the robustness of process, data and personnel that inherently exists within the organisation. Organisational Robustness Analysis is the cornerstone of building a management system that is enterprise wide and integrated.

iProgent™ is Quality One’s Enterprise Integrated Management System software that is currently under development. iProgent™ will reflect the methods and robust connections outlined in Organisational Robustness Analysis and takes the view that all parts of the organisation are interconnected at some point. This is illustrated by the Traditional Business Systems Model as against the Dynamic Robust Enterprise Integrated Management model which ORA, EIMS and iProgent™ are based.

Traditional Business Systems Model
Traditional Business Systems Model

With a reporting chain of:
Traditional Business Systems Model Reporting

The Dynamic Robust Enterprise Integrated Management model joins all area of the business with each other based on robustness through enterprise software – iProgent™.
Dynamic Robust Enterprise Integrated Management model

An industrial/manufacturing example may have the following view:
Traditional Industrial Operational Intelligence
Traditional Industrial Operational Intelligence

A new Dynamic Robust Data Management Approach
Dynamic Robust Data Management

Foundations of iProgent™
  • IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)
  • Industry 4.0
  • Big Data
  • Predictive Analytics
  • IdM (Information Driving Manufacturing) and Service
  • Integrated Data Quality
  • Robustness
    • People
    • Process
    • Data
Key features of iProgent™ will include:
  • Robust connections between all business elements
  • Add Edit functions that link to connected business elements
  • Dashboard Reporting on each element
  • Integrated reporting on all elements and their connections
  • Key organisational metrics on each element
  • Editable management system documentation that performs gap analysis on key data components
  • Self-auditing gap analysis on the management system
  • Actionable items linked to personnel
  • Modular approach to allow for staged data collection and updating of the system
  • Organisational Robustness Score
  • Targeted audit programs based on where audits are most required
  • Potential Integration with existing management tools
  • Organisational Risk Analysis
  • Organisational Change Management mitigation
  • And more……

For further information on iProgent™ please Contact Page. or view our iProgent™ Page. Please come back to this page regularly to see other modules being written within the iProgent™ framework Including:
  • DMM – Decision Making Modelling
  • OEE – Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • ISORP – ISO Risk Profiling
  • Online Training Modules

Quality One Special Projects Home Program Project Management Tracking System

Iprogent™ Tracker is an application being set up to allow Lean Six Sigma Programs to track the progress of the Lean Six Sigma program and all the projects within it. The tracker works by having all projects report into the tracker system and then creating Hoshin pathways to report on the overall program.

Lean Six Sigma Project Tracker will allow organisations running large lean six sigma programs or project offices to:

  • Define Master Users, Project Leaders, Project Members
  • Define Projects
  • Define Project Stages - Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control
  • Define Project Components - Project Charter
  • Define Project Deliverables that need to be tracked - Project Description in Project Charter
  • Track individual projects
  • Track individual components
  • Reveal organisational weaknesses for further training
  • Reveal project weaknesses for further coaching
  • Report on program progression
  • Report on project progression
  • Real time analysis as projects progress without the need to reorganise data
  • Ensure Project Lead real time updates
  • Determine projects that are not running to program requirements
  • Customise organisational critical to quality components

Iprogent Tracker

For further information on Lean Six Sigma Project Tracker and iProgent™ project Tracker please Contact Page.

Quality One Special Projects Home Program Project Diary

As part of training implementation and customised training programs great benefit can be gained by using training diary generators to measure the competency, comprehension and implementation of specific skills and capability uplift within an organisation post and during training delivery. Training Diary Generators can:

  • Reveal the level of comprehension of specific topics
  • Display whether training needs to be revisited based upon personnel responses
  • Reveal strengths and weaknesses in training delivery
  • Provide assurance that post training activity is delivering the requirements of the training and hence the process
  • Provide an avenue for personnel to display implementation of the training in their role

Please see Training Diary Generator page for further details.

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