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At Quality One we believe that management systems should be enterprise wide and not referred to as simply Quality Management Systems. When building management systems we endeavor to ensure the system is an Enterprise Integrated Management System that reflects the robustness of process, data and personnel that inherently exists within the organisation. Organisational Robustness Analysis is the cornerstone of building a management system that is enterprise wide and integrated.

iProgent™ is Quality One’s Enterprise Integrated Management System software that is currently under development. iProgent™ will reflect the methods and robust connections outlined in Organisational Robustness Analysis and takes the view that all parts of the organisation are interconnected at some point. This is illustrated by the Traditional Business Systems Model as against the Dynamic Robust Enterprise Integrated Management model which ORA, EIMS and iProgent™ are based.

Traditional Business Systems Model
Traditional Business Systems Model

With a reporting chain of:
Traditional Business Systems Model Reporting

The Dynamic Robust Enterprise Integrated Management model joins all area of the business with each other based on robustness through enterprise software – iProgent™.
Dynamic Robust Enterprise Integrated Management model

An industrial/manufacturing example may have the following view:
Traditional Industrial Operational Intelligence
Traditional Industrial Operational Intelligence

A new Dynamic Robust Data Management Approach
Dynamic Robust Data Management

Foundations of iProgent
  • IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)
  • Industry 4.0
  • Big Data
  • Predictive Analytics
  • IdM (Information Driving Manufacturing) and Service
  • Integrated Data Quality
  • Robustness
    • People
    • Process
    • Data
Key features of iProgent™ will include:
  • Robust connections between all business elements
  • Add Edit functions that link to connected business elements
  • Dashboard Reporting on each element
  • Integrated reporting on all elements and their connections
  • Key organisational metrics on each element
  • Editable management system documentation that performs gap analysis on key data components
  • Self-auditing gap analysis on the management system
  • Actionable items linked to personnel
  • Modular approach to allow for staged data collection and updating of the system
  • Organisational Robustness Score
  • Targeted audit programs based on where audits are most required
  • Potential Integration with existing management tools
  • Organisational Risk Analysis
  • Organisational Change Management mitigation
  • And more……
For further information on iProgent™ please Contact Quality One

iProgent Home Benefit

Robustness People Process Data

iProgent™ benefits include:
  • One Organisational Enterprise wide management system
  • Culture of continuous audit with low administration requirements
  • Potential reduction in silos that may exist within the organisation
  • Enables real business simplification
  • Manages your organisational risks
  • Empowers & Enables impact through people
  • Decision making from boardroom to design labs to operations
  • Connects Enterprise Performance
  • Customer, product, people, systems, technology through data management
  • Helps leadership teams develop a tangible digital transformation pathway
  • True platform and enabler for Industry 4.0, Quality 4.0 & Supply Chain Transformation / innovation
  • Real Time view of the health and maturity of your organisation
For further information on iProgent™ please Contact Quality One

iProgent Home Development

iProgent™ is being developed in a modular fashion allowing businesses and organisations to grow with the development and collect and enter data as modules are developed. The first 6 modules are currently under development and include:

  • Organisational Chart
  • Organisational Nomenclature and Document Control
  • Role/Job Description and Forms
  • Organisational Policy and Document Ownership
  • Audit
  • Processes
    • Level 1
    • Level 2
    • Level 3
For further discussion on remaining modules please Contact Quality One
iProgent™ will include reporting on:
  • Organisational Charts
    • Organisational Chart View
    • Number of Personnel in Roles
  • Acronyms, Definitions and Document Control
    • List of Acronyms and Definitions
    • Acronyms and Definitions per each Business Entity
    • Document List and Version filtered by Business Entity
    • Individual Acronyms and Definitions
  • Role/Job Descriptions
    • Personnel by Role/Job Description
    • Personnel with Role/Job Description
    • Owners of Forms
    • Forms List
    • Owners of Documents
    • Documents List
    • Overdue Review List
  • And further reports in all modules
and have robust features such as:
  • Organisational Charts
    • Gap Analysis on Roles against Personnel and Job/Position Descriptions
    • Gap Analysis of Personnel against Roles
  • Role/Job Descriptions
    • Gaps Analysis between Organisational Chart and Job Descriptions
    • Gap Analysis on Role/Job Description
    • Gap Analysis on Personnel and Role/Job Description
    • Gap Analysis on Form and Document Ownership (Organisational Chart, Role/Job Description)
  • Each module will expand on the robustness levels between management system elements

iProgent Home Early Adopters

Early adopters on the iProgent™ software will have the advantage of setting up there organisation as the software and robustness is developed leading to a jump start on big data analysis in their organisation and integrating iProgent™ with their Industry 4.0 development.

Early adopters will be eligible for discounted rates on access to iProgent™ based on the number of users in the organisation required to use the EIMS iProgent™ system. This can be achieved by Contacting Quality One for a discussion on your requirements and the project plan to deliver the iProgent™ software modules – both the initial six and the remaining modules.

As iProgent™ is module driven it will be a cloud based application however we are open discussions on locally housed versions of the software.

To continue the conversation on iProgent™ and to seek early adopters status please Contact Quality One

iProgent Home Cloud Access

iProgent Cloud Access

iProgent™ is a cloud based application that can run as a stand alone application or in integration with the broader APQP Professional product. Running with the broader tool will allow for:
  • Integration of specific manufacturing and product development processes and business processes
  • From a manufacturing and product development point of view this allows:
    • Searching FMEA effects of failure for 8D symptoms
    • Updating FMEA with discovered root cause of failure
    • Investigating known FMEA causes of failure against the symptom
    For more information on the iProgent™ application and its integration with the broader APQP Professional tool please Contact Quality One

iProgent Home Intranet Integration

Quality One can integrate the iProgent™ application for your organisation on its intranet or develop an intranet that includes the iProgent™ application. Quality One can set up a project for you that delivers the iProgent™ application as a tool within your organisations tool set.

For more information on integrating iProgent™ with your organisation's intranet please Contact Quality One

iProgent Home Network Application

The option of iProgent™ as a network application is also available through Quality One. If your organisation is interested in running iProgent™ as a network application within your organisational network framework please Contact Quality One to discuss your needs.

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