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Training Programs

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Skills and Process Matrix Updates Skills and Process Matrix Updates

Training Programs Home Training Needs Analysis

At Quality One we believe in a robust view when setting up training programs. Sound training programs that deliver the requirements of the organisation begin with a mature approach to organisational processes and the requirements to successfully complete each process. The skills and competencies required to run the organisational processes will form the basis of the Body of Working Knowledge that delivers successful outcomes for the organisation as a whole. As the organisation moves within the market and as the market place changes the Body of Working Knowledge will expand and contract accordingly.
The high level steps required in Training Needs Analysis includes:

  • Process - Capturing the processes within the organisation in the order required to deliver customer requirements
  • Process Skill and Competency Requirements - Skills and competencies required by personnel to successfully complete the process
  • Process, Personnel and Resources - Roles within the organisation to fulfill process requirements (these can form swimlanes in the process) and resources and asstes used to deliver the process
  • Organisational Strategy and Objectives - this allows each process to be viewed in terms of its importance and risk the organisation. This leads to the levels of skills and competencies required to execute each processes
  • Personnel Skill and Competency sets - Skill and comptency of personnel is cross referenced with process skill and competency requirements
  • Gaps within the knowledge of personnel and process skill and competency requirements can be revealed. Processes designated with high risk and importance to the organisation can take precedence.
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Training Programs Home Training Alignment and Development

Following a sound Training Needs Analysis alignment of training and development of required training can be undertaken.
Alignment includes:

  • Research into shelf courses that may meet the needs of the organisation
    • Courses delivered by OEM of assets used in processes
    • Skills and Competencies delivered
    • DNA coverage of course to the needs of the organisation
    • Assessment requirements
    • Post training integration requirements of skills and competencies
    • Qualifications and Certifications delivered to the organisational personnel
    • On going training requirements
    • Costs, Duration, Location etc.
Development includes:
  • Full process view
  • All related procedures and work instructions
  • Decision on the most appropriate course of delivery
  • Setting assessment requirements
  • Setting skill and integration requirements to organisation processes
  • Setting duration and course content based on process requirements
  • Setting skill or competency delivery
    • Skills Training
      • Delivers key requirements to deliver processes
    • Competency Training
      • Focus is on broader capabilities that are required by personnel to execute processes such as problem solving, decision making, communication, management, planning etc. These should be able to be aligned to processes within the organisation.
Decision Making Modelling should be used to ascertain the best method before moving on to training delivery.
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Training Programs Home Training Delivery

As part of the Training Aignment and Development the Training Delivery method needs to be established. This could also cover blended learning approaches in the methods of delivery:

  • Computer Based Learning
  • Face to Face Training
  • Simulation
  • On the job training
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Integrated Training Programs - Learning and Organisational Integration over time
  • Role Playing
  • Structured Survey Testing
Assessment Criteria should also be considered in terms of:
  • Personnel Capability
  • Integration into Business As Usual in organisational processes
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Training Programs Home Skills and Process Matrix Updates

Skills and Process Matrix needs to be kept up to date as within the organisation the required Body of Working Knowledge is ever evolving and will include:

  • Introduction of New Technologies
  • New Processes and Products
  • Competitor Developments
  • New External Qualifications
  • New and Exiting Personnel
  • Expanding Customer Base
  • New Regulations
  • New Safety Requirements
  • New Locations and so on........
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