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Process Implementation is the procedure of introduction of new processes within an existing organisational process and product set. Requirements of process introduction and implementation can be found in the DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyse, Design, Verify) process within the Design for Six Sigma methodology and the alternative IDOV (Identify, Design, Optimize, Verify) process.

Process Implementation involves but inclusive to or inclusive of:

  • Defining the new product or process and the gap or problem that it solves
  • Defining the entire process suite for the product, service or internal process
  • Analysing all the process suite against all other process in the organisation
    • Defining interactions in Process Interface Matrix
    • Defining metrics and KPI and effect on metrics and KPI
    • Cost, Benefit and ROI of the new process against other processes
    • Change Management Requirements of other processes
      • Documentation
        • Policy
        • Procedure
        • Work Instruction
        • Training Documentation
      • Personnel
        • Skills Gaps
        • Human Implementation Factors
      • Assets
        • Preventative Maintenance Plans
        • Customisation to new process
        • Recommissioning in existing processes
      • Software Tools
        • Implementation of new software
          • Impact on networks
          • Impact on security
        • Upgrade and Update existing software
      • Data Management
        • Database Implications
        • Integration of software tools
  • Defining the new process risk against organisation risk parameters
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Industry requirements
    • Customer requirements
    • Standards requirements
    • Organisational strategy and objectives
    • Gap Analysis against
      • Assets
      • Capability
      • Personnel Resource
      • Warehouse and/or storage requirements
      • Financial Feasibility
    • Effects on SWOT Analysis
  • Assigning the new process
    • A process owner
    • Resources to execute the process
    • Assets to deliver the desired result
  • Predictive Modelling on the new process
    • Analysing “close cousins” that already exist in the organisation
      • Process Capability
      • Data Management Capability
      • Personnel skills capability
  • Develop an implementation plan
    • As is state analysis against potential effected processes
    • Cut over plan on
      • Assets
      • Resources
      • Personnel
      • Data
      • Process Management
      • Organisational Strategic Plan
      • Software Tools
    • Process Documentation
      • Implemented to organisational standards
    • Communication Plan
      • Internal Stakeholders
      • External Stakeholders
      • Audit Plans
      • Data Registries
      • Personnel Training requirements on new process
    • Data Management
      • New Data Collection
      • Adjustment to interacting KPI
      • Adjustment to interacting process metrics
      • Update reporting requirements
      • Update Registries
      • Software Tools
    • FMEA on Implementation Plan
      • Control Critical Points
      • Remove potential causes of failure
  • Execute Implementation Plan
  • Monitor progress of process implementation

To seek assistance in process implementation please contact us via our contact page.

Process Implementation

Process Implementation Home Process Implementation Training

At Quality One we believe that all process implementation, whether new process introduction or update of existing processes should occur with no adverse or ripple effects in the organisation, in the supplier chain and for the customers. This can be achieved with sound and robust approaches to process management which is intrinsically linked to Organisational Process Maturity and an adherence to Organisational Robustness Analysis. The content in the Process Implementation course below outlines the Process Implementation course and what is required for adverse event free process implementation.

The Process Implementation Course includes study in:

  • Current State Process
  • To Be State Process
  • New Process Introduction
  • Existing Process Update
  • Existing Process Removal
  • Process Risk Investigation
    • Process Maturity
    • Effect on KPI
    • Effect on Suppliers
    • Effect on Customers
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Interactions
    • Risk Mitigations
    • Metrics Changes
  • Implementation Plan
  • Process Cutover
  • Sustainable Measurement and Process Delivery
  • Update and Publishing of Process Documentation
    • Process Interactions/li>
    • Policy
    • Procedure
    • Work Instructions
    • Process Maps
    • Process Control Plan
    • Process Measures
    • Process Analysis
    • Process Control
  • Sustainable Process Maturity

For more information on Process Implementation Training please see our Process Implementation Training Page

Process Implementation Home Process Implementation Consulting

Process Implementation consulting is available from Quality One. Enquire about liaising with one of our process consultants in your next process implementation and implement your organisations new processes based on the sound risk analysis and impact the new process or product has on other processes. To enquire please go to our contact page.

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