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Quality One Lean Six Sigma Kit

Lean Six Sigma Program Plan Lean Six Sigma Program Plan
Training Materials for Customisation Training Materials for Customisation
Assessment Criteria Assessment Criteria
Project Deliverable Process Project Deliverable Process
Internal and External Certification Process Internal and External Certification Process
Lean Six Sigma Tools for Customisation Lean Six Sigma Tools for Customisation

Lean Six Sigma Kit Home Lean Six Sigma Program Plan

Quality can supply your organisation with tools and templates that will aid in the implementation of your Lean Six Sigma Program and is part of the Lean Six Sigma Kit that assists in organisations in implementing programs.

The Lean Six Sigma Program plan includes all the key questions and gateways in developing, implementing, executing and reporting a successful Lean Six Sigma program. Key questions and gateways would include:

  • Analysis of Organisation
    • Size
    • Industry
    • Structure
    • Personnel
    • Current Metrics
  • Maturity Assessment of Organisation
    • Levels of:
      • Management System
      • Process
      • Procedures
      • Management Tools
      • Metric Decision Making Use
      • Data Management
    • Program Delivery Requirements
      • Organisational Program Aims and Objectives
        • WBS on delivery of Organisational Program Aims and Objectives
      • Training Material Customisation
      • Project and Personnel Selection

All the way through to program delivery and reporting
  • Program Delivery and Reporting
    • Project Progression
    • Program Value Progression
    • Program Competency and Skill gaps
    • Program Impact Report
      • Change Management
      • Metric Management
      • Organisational Aims and Objectives

For further assistance in the full Lean Six Sigma Program Plan tool and your broader Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement programs please contact Quality One.

Lean Six Sigma Kit Home Training Materials for Customisation

Quality One has base training materials for Lean Six Sigma Programs across all Lean Six Sigma Belts. In a well defined Lean Six Sigma Program training materials should be threaded with examples from the industry the organisation is in and the organisation itself. This can be challenging given new programs can lack to requirement of a live example. The role of the Black Belt or and Master Black Belt in the program would be to develop an example project while the setup is occurring to ensure examples are available to allow context to occur for the personnel entering the program. Program selection is important here as one of the key goals is to develop materials – timing and delivery are paramount. The example project and the development and delivery of materials can be staggered in the first wave of personnel in the program.

Organisational Aims and Objectives should also be threaded through the customised materials. As this will essentially be different for each organisation and potentially for each new program it is an important element in the training materials customisation.

Quality One can assist in the delivery of bespoke Lean Six Sigma training materials while still holding true to the underlying principles of Lean Six Sigma. For assistance in the development of Customised Lean Six Sigma Training Materials or for access to base training materials as part of the Lean Six Sigma Kit please contact Quality One.

Lean Six Sigma Kit Home Assessment Criteria

Quality One has developed Assessment Tools for all levels of the Lean Six Sigma Belts including the assessment of exams and projects for Black, Green and Yellow Belts. The assessment tool allows the program and Master Black Belt to progressively assess each participant and their evidence to both give feedback to personnel and cascade to the overall health of the program. The assessment approach is flexible to be able to assess items bespoke to criteria of each program while aligning with the competencies and evidence criteria in ISO18404, AOQ developed competencies and ASQ requirements. A key to this tool in the kit is to allow a cascade to also deliver a report on the progress of the program and tie in with program metrics. The assessment is available and can be customised in MS Excel and as a web-based application.

The assessment criteria and assessment tool for Lean Six Sigma exams and projects follows measurement theory outlined in Measurement Systems Analysis and Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility to ensure all projects and exams are assessed as closely as possible the same way by all assessors.

For assistance in developing and using an assessment criteria tool in your Lean Six Sigma program please contact Quality One.

Lean Six Sigma Kit Home Project Deliverable Process

In every Lean Six Sigma program project delivery is at the heart of its value. At Quality One we believe that sound tracking of projects allows a real time view of the health and delivery of the program through all projects.

Projects need to complete and delivered by:

  • Completing all components required under the DMAIC process for the particular process
    • This is monitored by regular reporting of progress against components by the project lead and escalated in the program reporting view to component skill levels
    • Allows for analysis on how long each section of a project takes to complete and leads to more accurate and precise forecasting of when value is to be embedded into the organisation
  • Percentage complete of the project
    • This allows a real time view of the value of program through realised and unrealised effort
    • Uses the value of the project in reporting its progress
  • Using tollgates to clarify completion of project components
Lean Six Sigma Project Components

For assistance in developing a project deliverable process and reporting project and program progress in a Hoshin manner in your Lean Six Sigma program please contact Quality One.

Lean Six Sigma Kit Home Master Black Belt

In Lean Six Sigma Programs organisations can at times struggle to fulfil the Master Black role which covers the requirements of the program breaking down into project requirements. Where this gap exists, it is important to recognise it and fill the gap as required for the success of the program.

Quality One can supply skilled personnel to fill the Master Black Belt role. The Master Black Belt and the tools used to deliver the program can be seen as an essential part of any Lean Six Sigma Tool Kit.

For assistance in obtaining a Master Black Belt for your Lean Six Sigma program please contact Quality One.

Lean Six Sigma Kit Home Internal and External Certification Process

Quality One delivers Lean Six Sigma programs in line with competencies and evidence criteria in ISO18404, AOQ developed competencies and ASQ requirements. Each Lean Six Sigma program needs to have its competencies and skills aligned to these competencies to allow certification for personnel achieve certification in Lean Six Sigma.

In a well thought out Lean Six Sigma program internal certification requirements aligned directly to organisational requirements will be a subset of the competencies outlined in ISO18404, AOQ and ASQ competencies. This allows personnel to achieve both internal and external certification for their Lean Six Sigma activities. External certification is achieved by delivering exams and projects to recognised external certification bodies. If set up well internal and external certification will complement each other.

For assistance in setting up internal certification requirements and delivering external certification requirements in your Lean Six Sigma Program please contact Quality One.

Lean Six Sigma Kit Home Lean Six Sigma Tools for Customisation

Customisation of tools and training materials delivers many of the artefact requirements to deliver a successful Lean Six Sigma program. While many tools already have templates available the customisation of the tools comes from the organisational data, preferred organisational reporting methods, and any integration into organisational data systems.

Training material customisation requires:

  • Base training materials following Lean Six Sigma principles and the DMAIC process
  • Access to organisational processes and measures for organisational centred examples
  • An example project within the organisation to thread through training materials and to give contextual examples on the use of Lean Six Sigma tools.
For assistance in creating bespoke training materials and tools in your organisational Lean Six Sigma program please contact Quality One.

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