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Win SPC Query WinSPC. Award-winning statistical process control software - helps you monitor in-line production and quality data to ensure product and process conformance. Win SPC software is sophisticated enough to handle real time, fully automated data collection, yet is also simple enough for new operators to quickly learn how to manually enter data. Win SPC software can collect data from a wide variety of automated or manual input sources such as gages, CMMs, PLCs, software applications and ODBC databases. This powerful SPC software provides a wide range of real-time charting options with built-in alarming capabilities and user-defined events to respond to statistical conditions. WinSPC software is an enterprise-wide statistical process control solution that stores all the collected data in a standard SQL database for engineers and managers to access, with hundreds of built-in statistics, charts, and customizable reports easily available. Operators and managers depend on Win SPC software not only to meet ISO/TS/FDA compliance requirements, but to quickly identify and react to potential problems that impact the bottom line. Win SPC software is the trusted quality control solution chosen by leading manufacturers throughout the world.

Flexible Data Collection

Broad Selection of Data Sources

WinSPC statistical process control software was designed as a real-time data collection tool able to collect data from just about any type of gage, inspection device or automated equipment, as well as software applications, file sources, ODBC databases, OPC servers, barcode readers and keyboards. Win SPC software is capable of dynamic masking, properly handling data input even though the data source output may vary.

Examples of data sources easily linked to Win SPC software:

  • Gages (RS 232): Mitutoyo, Federal, Air Gage, Starrett, Edmunds, Mettler Toledo
  • CMMs: B&S, Zeiss, LKS, Nikon, Mitutoyo
  • PLCs: AB, Siemens
  • Software: MES, SCADA, and HMI systems such as Intellution, Wonderware, GE Cimplicity, Iconics, Siemens, and others

Random Sampling in Data Collection

WinSPC statistical process control software can operate in "random" mode, accepting data in any order or frequency from multiple data sources, then distributing that data to the appropriate characteristic. This makes Win SPC software the ideal quality control solution for manufacturing processes with varied data collection methods and frequency requirements.

Multiple Part/Processes at a Single Station

WinSPC software optimizes the use of available client workstations by simultaneously monitoring and analysing multiple parts or processes on the same workstation - either in the foreground or invisible in the background collection mode with multiple layers for data collection.

Time Based Data Collection

Win SPC Control Chart WinSPC software is capable of prompting operators to collect data at fixed intervals or specified times to make sure that data collection operations are proceeding as planned. WinSPC software can also alert management when scheduled samples are skipped or missed.

Extensive Charts, Alarms & Reports

Real Time Charts
WinSPC statistical process control software allows operators to display and switch between hundreds of available chart options to obtain the preferred view of manufacturing process performance.

Examples of some of the hundreds of SPC charts available:

X & R • p
X & S • np
• X & MR • q
• Median & R • nq
• Pre-Control • c
• S2 • u
• Cumulative Sum • Z & W
• Box & Whisker Z & S
• Target Z & W
• Scatter • EWMA
• Pareto • EWRMS

Histograms feature distribution models for Normal as well as Non-Normal data, including Uniform, Exponential, Rayleigh, Gamma, Log-Normal, t, Weibull, Beta, Johnson (SL, SB, SU), and Pearson (Type I through XII).

Automated Closed-Loop Process Feedback
WinSPC software provides closed-loop process feedback based upon user-definable tests and triggers. If desired, upon a single test violation WinSPC can initiate multiple user-defined "events", such as providing an enterprise-wide non-conformance notification, writing to a central defect database and triggering physical equipment corrective actions.

WinSPC software transforms statistical process control analysis into immediate action. By triggering intelligent feedback on process conditions, WinSPC software not only provides operators, supervisors and managers with vital non-conformance information, WinSPC can initiate the process needed for corrective action. Win SPC software triggers to out-of-control situations include email notification, sending output to applications or equipment, prompting the operator for Notes/Assignable Causes/Corrective Actions, storing the event in a violation log, prompting visual alarms on screen, and more.

Win SPC Reports Flexible Report Generation
WinSPC software includes robust reporting and analysis tools that allow you to get quick answers to data queries and "what if" scenarios. WinSPC includes industry standard statistical process control reports as well as advanced tools to create your own custom charts, graphs, data tables or statistics.

Filter or query data in any number of ways to present data by part, process, characteristic, station, user, date/time, machine, or any tag values. Save yourself time with our template formats and print the reports to hard copy, preview on screen, e-mail, or save the report to a web page. All set up parameters are stored with the report settings for future requests by customers or auditors.

Win SPC Reports

Extensive Built In Reports
WinSPC software makes reporting easy with preconfigured, standard Quality and Production reports. Examples of quality control and process improvement reports include: Certificates-of-Analysis for ISO/QS documentation (COA), Process Status Report for CPK by characteristic (PSR) ranking processes from worst to best, Continuous Improvement reports for last period/current period (CIR) to document characteristic Cpk over time, Pareto charts for defect frequency, and Capability reports with Cpk, Cpl, Ppk, Ppl, Pr, Percent over/under, Upper and lower Z values, Sigma, Mean, Skew, Kurtosis, #-Sigma limits, Chi Square goodness of fit and Histogram with optional distribution curve, and many more.

Win SPC Box and WhiskerSix Sigma Tools
WinSPC software enables companies to collect and analyse all types of quality control and production information to support the DMAIC process in a Six Sigma program. With over 500 advanced analysis functions and charts, Win SPC software provides a full complement of Six Sigma tools. Easy access to this information for your Six Sigma and engineering teams helps drive continuous improvement. And DataNet's Solution Delivery department can even help train your team how to use WinSPC software as part of your Six Sigma program.

WinSPC software performs advanced analysis of Quality Control and Production data. Many DataNet customers have already implemented Six Sigma projects using WinSPC software as a key component in data collection, data mining, statistical analysis, and reporting. Examples of Six Sigma analysis tools available in WinSPC include: Box & Whisker, Process Capability, DOE, p-Test, f-Test, Control Charts, Pareto, Fishbone Diagrams, Control Tests, Correlation Studies, and many more.

Simple Operation and Administration

Win SPC AdminExtensive Built In Reports
WinSPC software performs advanced analysis of Quality Control and Production data. Many DataNet customers have already implemented Six Sigma projects using WinSPC software as a key component in data collection, data mining, statistical analysis, and reporting. Examples of Six Sigma analysis tools available in WinSPC include: Box & Whisker, Process Capability, DOE, p-Test, f-Test, Control Charts, Pareto, Fishbone Diagrams, Control Tests, Correlation Studies, and many more.

WinSPC software is so easy for operators to use that the entire operator's manual is printed on a single, two-sided card. Operator training is accomplished in minutes, not days, because WinSPC is flexible enough to mimic the data collection operations already in place.

Win SPC Document AccessDocument Access/Viewer
Not only does WinSPC software make it easy for operators to begin collecting data, WinSPC's data collection screen can be configured to link to applicable production documents, work instructions, blueprints, CAD drawings, graphic files, or other setup information that is needed on the shop floor to support your quality control program. Almost any existing document format can be linked to onscreen buttons for immediate display to the data collection operator. This paperless system also ensures that the most up-to-date document or revision is available to the operator.

Win SPC Admin View Centralised Administration
WinSPC software is a client server architecture that lets you install, configure and upgrade from a single station, making maintenance and upgrades a simple, one-time process. WinSPC software includes a highly granular security system that allows administrative users to make network-wide changes from anywhere in the system. Configure options can be applied globally throughout the system, like security, device set ups, and control tests.

The intuitive system administration tools offer considerable time savings and minimize resources for implementation. The Explorer style interface manages all Parts, Spec Limits, Control Limits, User Security, Devices, Reports, and more. Copy and paste functionality is available to rapidly reproduce similar part files, or generate and dynamically link configurations directly from other software (like Excel, legacy SPC software, ERP systems, APQP or electronic Control Plans).

Complete Traceability

Product Audit Traceability and Regulatory Compliance
Win SPC software provides optional built-in audit tracking of original product and process configurations and specifications, collection methods, subsequent changes and any edited data. Win SPC software also provides an option to enforce password verification prior to data commit and can prohibit the reuse of a password over a twelve-month period. With these features and many more in its granular security system, WinSPC enables companies to comply with stringent quality control standards such as ISO9000, QS9000 and TS16949. And WinSPC statistical process control software sets the bar for compliance with the FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Records and Signatures requirement.

Win SPC Security Security Control and Protection
WinSPC software offers a highly granular security system configurable by User, User Group (with parent-child relationships), Station, or Log In. Upon login, the User ID entered will determine user privileges and which WinSPC modules the user can access. Users can be notified to update their password after a defined number of days and checked against previous password to prevent reusing the same password. We also support password masking, defined password length, maximum failures, automatic log off due to inactivity, and more.

Win SPC Users Event Log
WinSPC's Event Log captures system wide activities and events to maintain a system audit trail and traceability. Event Log
A single controlled log file maintains all critical system information for audits and regulatory information. For example, all system events are tracked and stored in the Event Log and available for review, sorting, or printing to a hardcopy report (by user, station, date/time, and event level). Some examples of system events tracked in Win SPC software include: failed login attempts; creating, editing, and renaming Specifications, Tags, or Collection Plans; and all edited data points (including Date/Time/User/Station along with the edited and original values). WinSPC stores all this information in the database on the server the moment it occurs.

Audit Trail
All edits of data are automatically stored in a complete Audit Trail capturing the Date/Time/User/Station and saving the original data value. This can be reviewed later by simply drilling down on a data point or printed from the Event Log (see above). The data point is flagged that an edit was made. This also provides full traceability to the Date/Time/User/Station when that change occurred. WinSPC stores all this information in the database on the server the moment it occurs, supporting even the most stringent quality control programs.

Electronic Signatures
Certain events and features in WinSPC can be controlled by a password confirmation prompt prior to allowing the activity. This could be applied in multiple scenarios: 1) Prior to completing a data collection plan, 2) prior to editing data, or 3) prior to creating, editing, or renaming Parts/Processes and/or Specifications. WinSPC software can be configured to prompt the user for a password that is then checked against the User login ID to confirm the same user logged-in is still responsible for collecting the data.

Advanced Technology

Data Storage
WinSPC software stores all Part/Process information, Specifications, Data, Audit Trail, Event Log, report set up information, User IDs and Passwords (encrypted), and more in the database on the server for management, control, and integrity of all critical quality control information.

Multi-Language Support
With WinSPC, operators and administrators who speak different languages can work side-by-side. WinSPC offers multi-language support within a single facility, by workstation and/or individual login. Data can be collected in one language and printed in another for efficient global customer or supplier communications. Supported languages include English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Chinese

Relational Database Model
In the client server architecture, all data and configuration information for the WinSPC application is stored in a SQL database on the network server. WinSPC has native drivers to store data in several standard databases, including Oracle, MS SQL and InterBase. All tables and fields are published in a database schema and a data dictionary is available for detailed information about the database layout.

Powerful Communication Tools
WinSPC's 500 methods and properties for OLE Automation, COM/DCOM, OPC (OLE for Process Control) and other API controls allow easy collaboration and data exchange with other applications, including; ERP, MRP, MES, HMI, SCADA, APQP, PPAP, MS Access or Excel and more.

Concurrent Licence Metering
WinSPC license management utilities meter licenses based upon how many stations are logged in at the same time, letting you maximize your investment by eliminating the need for extra licenses. Win SPC software can be configured to automatically log out after any chosen duration of inactivity at any given terminal without exiting the application.

Complete Disconnect Protection
If the network or database fails for any reason, WinSPC clients will continue to collect data locally off line. Once the system is back on-line, WinSPC automatically reconnects and synchronizes with the main database, preserving client-side data. WinSPC Statistical Process Control software also provides 100 percent recovery of all data and specifications from the server should individual workstations fail - simply plug in a replacement and continue working right where you left off.

Win SPC Facilitation
For more information on the facilitation and implementation of WinSPC please view the WinSPC Facilitation page.

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