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Win SPC Facilitation


WinSPC Facilitation

WinSPC Facilitation WinSPC Installation
WinSPC Implementation WinSPC Implementation
WinSPC Admin Training WinSPC Admin Training
WinSPC User Training WinSPC User Training
WinSPC Special Requirements WinSPC System Requirements
WinSPC Support WinSPC Support
WinSPC Programs WinSPC Programs
WinSPC Video WinSPC Video

WinSPC Installation

Quality One believes that organisations should be able to get their real time data simply and easily and be able to amke data driven decisions in real time and be able to use the same data to deliver continuous improvement of process and characteristics using the same data but in a robust analytical fashion. This can be achieved with the WinSPC Installation which is simple and easy and if required can be delivered with its own database.

WinSPC allows a trial for an organisation to see how simple this is and what can be achieved with real time analysis and intensive data analysis review of collected data. To download a trial of WinSPC follow this link to DataNet and download the software. As a registered reseller and trainer Quality One will be informed of your download and we will be in contact to give you assistance. Quality One can assist you with your installation wherever you are on the planet. Installation Guides are available from the DataNet knowledge base.

Exploring the IT Aspects of WinSPC

An overview of WinSPC Software

WinSPC Implementation

Once installed the implementation of the data capture for WinSPC can begin. A simple data collection can be set up within 15 minutes as the video below explains.

The basics of setting up to data capture

Setting up WinSPC to capture data is a fast operation, regardless of whether that data will be manually entered using a keyboard or received from an external source. Shop floor personnel learn the primary window used to capture data, called the Data Collection window, in minutes and everything on that window is security controlled. As needed, WinSPC administrators can even rearrange that window’s elements to suit specific process requirements or user preferences. Finally, to keep production going in the event of a network outage, administrators can enable WinSPC to capture data offline and upload it to the main WinSPC database when network communication is restored.
WinSPC Control Chart

Virtually any type of Data
  • Quality measurements such as product dimensions, weights, and functional tests
  • Process parameters such as machine performance and environmental data
  • Attribute checks such as visual inspections and defects
  • And traceability details in the form of tags such as lot number, shift, or machine
As part of your WinSPC program Quality One can assist in this set up either through WinSPC Admin Training or direct assistance on site or via remote access.

A typical implementation would cover:
  • WinSPC Installation
  • WinSPC Client Installations
  • WinSPC Admin Training
  • Set Up Devices for Data Capture
  • Set Up Data Capture Requirements including control tests and alarms
  • Set Up Procedure and Work Instruction Documents associated with data capture
  • Set Up Users and Access
  • WinSPC Operator Training
  • Begin Capturing Data
  • Real Time Decisions, Data Analysis and Continuous Improvement
Click here to go to Quality One Contact Page to request an online WinSPC Demonstration.

WinSPC Admin Training

Duration: 3-4 Days organisational size and requirements dependant Format:  On site at your facility. The customer will need to provide the training facilities, including an overhead projector for the instructor and a computer workstation for each student. Pricing:  Considered with overall implementation quote. Further training and support is available online through video and online interactive set up and the Extended Service Coverage via email and phone support. The WinSPC knowledgebase is available online and is a source for FAQ.

WinSPC User Training

Duration: 1 Day Format:  On site at your facility. The customer will need to provide the training facilities, including an overhead projector for the instructor and a computer workstation for each student. Training can also be conducted in station at the collection point as required. Pricing:  Considered with overall implementation quote. Further tools are also available for download including Operator Instruction Cards

WinSPC System Requirements

There are two types of WinSPC implementations: on-premises and cloud. In an on-premises implementation, WinSPC is installed on the customer’s computers and those computers communicate with a WinSPC database at the customer’s site. In a cloud implementation, the customer’s computers do not have WinSPC installed. Instead, they connect to a WinSPC installation at our cloud location, an installation that communicates with a WinSPC database at the same location. The system requirements of concern to a customer differ depending on which of these two implementation types is selected.

On-Premises Requirements
A typical on-premises implementation consists of multiple user computers, commonly referred to as clients, a database server, and an optional application server. Large implementations may employ multiple database servers and application servers.
WinSPC Clients
The recommended operating systems and hardware specifications for client computers are:

  • Windows 10 Pro, Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 7 Pro
  • Any contemporary multi-core processor
  • 4 GB or more RAM
  • 200 MB available local hard disk space for WinSPC installation files
  • Local network connectivity to the WinSPC database (and, if applicable, the WinSPC application server) of 1 GBPS
  • 1280 x 1024 display resolution (to see all WinSPC windows in their correct sizes)
  • VGA monitor and video adapter
  • Keyboard and mouse or other pointing device
  • USB port or DVD-ROM drive if WinSPC will be installed from WinSPC installation media (USB stick or DVD) as opposed to the downloadable executable
As an alternative to clients that meet these specs, WinSPC can be installed directly on tablets that support Win32 installations. Tablets that do not support traditional Win32 installations (e.g., Windows RT tablets, Android tablets, Apple iPads), but can use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services technology, can be integrated into a Remote Desktop Services type of on-premises implementation.
WinSPC Database Servers
The recommended operating systems, database server software, and hardware specifications for database servers are:
  • Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008-2016 (all editions including Express), Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Database 11g
  • For hardware specs, please refer to the hardware recommendations provided by the maker of the database server software you intend to use. (Those recommendations will be more than sufficient for WinSPC.)
  • For a method to estimate WinSPC database storage needs, read Estimating Database Storage in the WinSPC Knowledge Base.
WinSPC Application Servers
Implementation of a WinSPC application server is optional. Core WinSPC features will function without it. You may want to implement an application server if any of the following conditions apply: you want to manage WinSPC users through Active Directory; you want to take advantage of WinSPC’s advanced archiving capability; or you want the performance improvement made possible by the application server.

The recommended operating systems and hardware specifications for WinSPC application servers are:
  • Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2
  • One contemporary 8-16 thread multi-core server class processor (per WinSPC application server instance) to maximize threading, caching speed and connections to the database.
  • 4 GB available RAM (per WinSPC application server instance)
  • 1 GBPS network connectivity to the database server
  • A solid state drive with available space equaling at least 10% of the size of the WinSPC database the WinSPC application server instance will be used with. (A commercially available 200 GB SSD should be sufficient for even the largest databases.)
  • No other extreme CPU or IO roles to service (such as Exchange Server)
Cloud Requirements
Customers who opt for cloud implementations only need computers capable of connecting to external web sites. It is not necessary to have computers with WinSPC installed, or database servers, or application servers. As long as the computer, or tablet for that matter, can browse the Internet and operates at an acceptable speed, it is sufficient.

Click here for a printable WinSPC brochure.

WinSPC Support

Through DataNet Quality Systems Quality One offers support contracts for the WinSPC software including the following.

Extended Service Coverage (ESC)
What do you expect from your software? Production-critical availability? The flexibility to quickly implement changes? Low total cost of ownership? Whatever your expectations, getting the most out of your solution makes all the difference. We can help you transition from implementation into a successful real-time SPC program and provide your team with the ongoing expertise to get the most from your solution every day.

Standard Service Coverage
The Standard Service Coverage is ideal for single-facility deployments that require periodic technical support during standard business hours. Service includes:

  • Unlimited telephone and e-mail support Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. (USA) ET (excluding holidays)
  • Remote connection diagnostic assistance when needed
  • Free maintenance and enhancement releases for licensed software
Enhanced Reporting Coverage
The Enhanced Reporting Coverage is designed for customers requiring detailed access to support information. This level of support is appropriate for companies with multiple facilities or teams that need to coordinate deployment and service activities across an enterprise. Enhanced Reporting Coverage is provided on an annual basis and augments our Standard Service Coverage. Services include:
  • Monthly or quarterly performance and progress reports
  • A centralized point-of-contact for your support-related activities
  • Consultation regarding new release updates, fixes, and features/benefits
Team Viewer and GoToAssist Sessions available.

Other support packages also available.

WinSPC Programs

WinSPC Program and Project Tools are available for Download.

The Benefits of Real Time SPC
The typical program follows five phases.
PHASE I: Preparation for Implementation
PHASE II: Installation, Training, Configuration and Pilot
PHASE III: Deployment to All Other Operations
PHASE V: Ongoing Monitoring
An example of project/program tools available for use in the implementation of WinSPC include:
WinSPC Project ROI
WinSPC Project Plan Template
WinSPC Project Benchmark Worksheet

Click here to go to Quality One Contact Page to request an online WinSPC Demonstration.

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