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Business Curriculum Blueprint from Quality One Australia Pty Ltd is the foundation that underpins sustainable workforce capability enablement. It is a comprehensive blueprint curriculum tool that gives your organisation a meaningful measure of the existing skills and competencies of your people, processes, resource management, capacity management and is an effective performance management system. The Business Curriculum Blueprint combines the best of Educational Frameworks, Project Management and Quality Management Systems and delivers integration of Business Operating Systems (BOS), Curriculum Development and Workforce Capacity Planning.

Key Features

  • Return on Investment Ready
  • Business As Usual Ready
  • Integrated to Business Strategy
  • Work Integrated Learning Activities
  • Purpose built templates
  • Active 70-20-10 Capability Model
  • Awareness to Mastery achievement levels
  • Educational Frameworks, Project Management and Quality Management Systems combined
  • Competency Based Assessment Model linked to business outcomes
  • Roadmap to Qualifications and Articulation to Corporate University

Innovative Lean Design

Using our unique Process Resource Risk Mapping we have succeeded in developing a customizable curriculum model to fit business requirements at all levels. Using the Business Curriculum Blueprint model Awareness programs through to fully articulated university qualified courses can be delivered and integrated to business strategy and direction.
The Business Curriculum Blueprint uses our Business Operating System to ensure the business strategy and business requirements are met. The Active 70-20-10 component delivers a curriculum that is powerful and immediate with return on investment readiness and conversion to business as usual capability.
A well crafted and comprehensive Business Curriculum is the cornerstone of any organisation's effective capability strategy. It is the foundation that underpins sustainable workforce capability enablement.
Do you want:

  • A meaningful measure of the existing skills and competencies of your people
  • Resource and Capacity management
  • An effective performance management system

Without a workplace learning curriculum that is generated from and is accountable to business strategy you cannot achieve these objectives. Our blueprint offers a high performing business based curriculum incorporating:
  • Workplace Curriculum Development Programs
  • Training and Consulting
  • People and Process Balance

The Business Curriculum Blueprint from Quality One Australia Pty Ltd enables you to hardwire organisational work and learning into your Business Operating System (BOS). We have integrated contemporary workplace learning, quality management and organisational training and development principles and practice to build the Business Curriculum Blueprint. This creates the opportunity to adopt a common purpose and language across your business areas such as operations, business services and people and organisational development when managing and leading your capability requirements for both people and process.

Sustainable Capability Development

Capability decisions on work performance are only valid if an organisation can link their work to its BOS including strategies, objectives and requirements. It can then be claimed that a sustainable capability development system exists which is equipped to accommodate changes to customer requirements and business conditions. The alternative is an ad hoc in-house set of training programs. The continuous improvement link to an organisations people and business processes is severed if learning and development and the BOS is not managed as a continuous quality loop. Our Business Curriculum Blueprint delivers a continuous quality loop between the BOS and learning and development. It is designed to plug into and become an essential ingredient of your Business Operating System.

The BOS is part of the curriculum and the Curriculum is part of the BOS.

This link allows capture of legacy knowledge and experiences by expert practitioners in conventional learning and strengthens the sustainable curriculum. This holistic systems view is consistent with the seven categories and twelve quality principles of the Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF) and provides a roadmap to achieve your articulated business strategies through your people and processes. Learning at work is an essential activity and can be codified in a Business Curriculum through the Business Curriculum Blueprint. Without a Business Curriculum in place an organisation lacks the link between the BOS and learning and development initiatives. Through this link it is possible to create work-based learning strategies which relate directly to business activity and can be assessed accordingly. This is the opportunity to leverage learning at work.

Business Curriculum Blueprint development is a comprehensive approach to the development of an enterprise curriculum based on adult learning theory.
Quality One Business Curriculum Blueprint process

Active 70-20-10

70-20-10 is the dissemination of learning in the work environment. Only 10% of all learning in the workplace comes from attendance at seminars, training sessions, training programs etc. In short, Formal Training Sessions. 20% of learning comes from informal coaching sessions, group sessions and brainstorming sessions. In short, Informal Work Sessions. 70% of all learning in the workplace comes from doing or applying knowledge or experiential learning. The Business Curriculum Blueprint fully utilized can deliver an Active 70-20-10 model. This connection allows the Business Curriculum Blueprint model to be BAU and ROI ready.

Business Operating System

Our Business Operating System underpins the links to business strategy that delivers a high performing business based curriculum. The Business Operating System ensures that all curriculum and training development are linked to the high level business objectives and strategies which filters through the organizational structure Enterprise Wide, Business Unit, Business Team, Process Definitions, Process Maps, Work Instruction and Procedures. All curriculum and training in the organisation can be linked to the Business Operating System at some level to indicate ROI for the organisation and training development. ROI can be measured in added bottom line, compliance requirements, regulatory and safety requirements, the cost of doing nothing, competency spread, capacity planning flexibility, time savings, sustainable modeling and business improvements.

Capability Competency Matrix

Does your curriculum model include a capability competency matrix that sustainably captures legacy data, changes to compliance and standards and changes in the market place which delivers the organisation spread of skill and competency to role definition and workforce acquisition. The strength of a Business Curriculum Blueprint enables organisations to make informed decisions around the Body of Working Knowledge in all areas of the your enterprise including capacity management.

Workforce Capability Enablement

Workforce Capability Enablement is an outcome of a sustainable and scalable curriculum approach which is delivered by the Business Curriculum Blueprint. Workforce Capability Enablement delivers capacity management and resource management within the organisation. Does your current system identify who in your organisation is the best to fill a vacancy with a competency and skill match for both people and process?

People and Process

Is your curriculum and training people centric or process centric or does your organisation have a balance between people and process to deliver optimum Business As Usual transition and sustainable change and improvement. Do your processes empower your people? Do your people change and improve processes? Does your curriculum and training reflect the people process improvement cycle?

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